Back The Blue Line’s Protocol

Back The Blue Line’s Protocol

It’s important that you know a little about how we operate so you can easily avoid confusion between Back The Blue Line and other law enforcement related charities.

  1. You will never be called and asked for a donation over the phone. Donations to Support Police happen primarily online, and via mail. If you are asked for your credit card number (or bank routing & checking account) over the phone by someone representing Support Police, they are lying. You should report such instances to us, and we will take care of it.
  2. The Support Police staff will never come in contact with your credit card number or other sensitive information.
  3. We spend about 95% of what we receive on program causes. The rest is chewed up in bank settlement fees, CPA bills and print costs. Rest assured, we make every dime of your donation count. Give with confidence.
  4. We will be holding charity dinners and golf tournaments. We will allocate as much money as possible to program causes. The only thing you may receive as a result of you donating is a sticker and that warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that your support is saving lives.



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