Club Drug ‘Molly’ Investigated As Possible Cause Of Overdoses At House Of Blues

This drug has become more and more prevalent. Chicago’s heroin highway 290 will soon become the Molly Express.

CBS Boston

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BOSTON (CBS) —- The House of Blues reopened Thursday, two days after three people are suspected of overdosing on a drug called “Molly.”

During a Tuesday show by electronica superstar Zedd, police say Brittany Flannigan and two others apparently overdosed. Flannigan later died.

The 19-year-old from Derry, New Hampshire was a Plymouth State student.

Her sister tells WBZ-TV, Flannigan was at her first concert.

But while Molly may be new and scary to parents, we found it’s already well-known to the students in this city.

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Lt. Detective Robert Merner says the drug is popular among college students.

“It’s very popular in college bars, it’s very popular in the techno crowd, but it’s also popular in pop culture as well as rappers and things like that,” he says.

But with the 18-to-24 crowd, the head of the Boston Police Drug Unit calls…

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