Matt Gurney: U.S. police officers on Canadian soil must answer to our laws

National Post | Full Comment

Several years ago, as part of a broad series of improvements planned for the border shared by the United States and Canada, the two countries announced a joint policing project. In isolated areas of our land frontier, or at sea or upon the Great Lakes, Canadian and U.S. police officers are unable to pursue suspects or conduct law enforcement operations on the other side of the invisible line that separates our countries. The joint policing plan envisioned teams of law enforcement officers from both countries patrolling the border together. The team would be under the command of the senior officer representing whichever country they were currently inside. Furthermore, the team would be bound by the regulations and laws of whatever country they happened to be currently inside of.

[np_storybar title=”Above the law: U.S. wants its officers exempt from Canadian law for cross-border police project, says RCMP memo” link=””]The United States…

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